Hi everybody,

long time no posting. That means Mr. Surfivor has been very busy in planning the new Season 2007!
And "NEW" is going to be the key word. Many surprises to come for this summer!
Our main concern is to provide you the best surfing holiday ever! So we are putting all the best equipment together for that!

First, we got wrid of our dear old Peugeot Surf Van, before it exploded while on a surf trip. Therefor we will have a new Van, with more seats to take you surfing to the best spots!
Thank you, "Peugeot Break" for all the trips and transfers!

Second, for those who would rather prefer a roof over their head, we are very proud to present you our new SURFIVOR HOUSE. It will be substituting the Mobile Home package, offering you a very nice portuguese holiday house, with all the comfort and perfect for those who like a little bit more privacy!

Surfivor Season will start on the 15th of April, all the way untill mid October! We hope for great weather, good waves and lots of fun!

One thing that is making me sooooooo happy, is that I will be able to count on my dear assistant Katrijn for one more season! For those who have been at Surfivorcamp, you know that Katrijn is the most dedicated, sweet and caring person with everybody at the camp!
But it's not only Katrijn who is coming back, but also Gudi (a.k.a. Gudrun Sieglinde - I think I need to talk to her parents), Amrei, Eduardo and his Mom Zeza and Chris!
Team Surfivor at its best!!!

Ok, keep in touch, look for flights to Porto and get ready for another fun-tastic season in the waves of Cortega├ža (Coor-tei-gassa!!!)