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Surf at Night '09 Raggae festival at Cortega├ža Beach - 14 August

This is something you do not want to miss. Some of Portugal's best surfers will show their moves during a 2hr Expression Session. Afterwards it is time for free surfing...
Just imagine, surfing the whole night while listening live Raggae bands on the beach!
After the session, have a Caipirinha and enjoy the party...




And if the waves are to big to give lessons in...



Sometime it happens that there are no waves...

This year we discovered an alternative to be active in the water anyway.. Canoeing!
And we had lots of fun..

Check it out..

The 1st "An asshole" Competition 2009

We can proudly say that last week we had our first " An Asshole" competition this year! And it is not about who can surf the best.. no! It is about who can make the most funny, craziest moves. And we have seen the most funny and craziest moves and rewarded it with 1st, 2nd and 3rd place and a "best move" price!

Matt is explaning how the heats wil be...

The jury: Miguel, Matt and Peter... concentrated on who is making the most funny move...

The winners!

Theory lessons are also important. We make it funny...


here I felt like a real school teacher, with a real classroom and all the kids paying total attention (yeah...right) to what I'm saying!
Actually this was a great theory lesson, where we talked about all elements involved in surfing, from tides to currents, generation of waves to off-shore winds, from the history of surfing to surf board shapes and much more.
I think everybody enjoyed it quite a lot and it was great to have feedback and see how the guests are interested in learning more and more about the art of wave surfing!

After a little brak, and with the tide too high to surf, it was time for a nice Yoga session in the forest! Now everybody is feeling relaxed and ready for another surf session tomorrow morning.

Happy days at Surfivor!!!

Hope to see you soon,

sunny greetings


Beautifull day at the beach of Paramos!

Hi Surfivors!

Yesterday we made a litlle surftrip to another beach. The uncrowded beach of Paramos!
Because of a very nice south swell, the water was warm enough to surf in shorties and even in boardshorts.
Check out the pics!