2010 Dream Tour - Tiago Pires out in 3rd round!

Hi everybody!

Long time no posting. This means we've been busy at the new house and haven't found much time between coming home and falling asleep on the couch to do some blogging!

Well, this time I just want to share about the Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast, which is happening at the moment at Snapper's Rock! This is the first event of the year which brings a new format and new rules for the elite surfers, making it more tight to stay in the event!

I would like to focus, of course, on our portuguese surfer Tiago Pires, who is in great shape but unfortunately got eliminated today, in the 3rd round of the event against Jordy Smith! Tiago seemed a little unstable in the on-shore conditions today, which came in favour of a consistent and stylish Jordy Smith from South Africa!

Nevertheless, our Tiago Pires is still very motivated and enthusiastic about staying on the tour and getting his scores. This doesn't keep him from paying attention to what's happenning in the world. The late tragic storms on Madeira Island resulted in dozens of deaths and many lost people, not to mention the huge damages caused by this natural disaster. Beeing on tour and not able to help out personally, Tiago, who is a regular visitor to Madeira, decided to donate his Prize Money to the sufferers of the disaster. For us this is an example and we've already followed the step of Tiago, by donating some money for the people of Madeira who really need help now.

Please check out more news about this and try to help out as well!


Team Surfivor