The new Surfivor House - "All together now"

Ok Surfivor people!

Get ready!

Here are the pictures from our new Surfivor House!
We're finally up and running! After two and a half months of hard work, there is our reward!

Please let us know your feedback. We want to know what you like and what you don't!
The first guests have already arrived and given us a great positive feedback.
"The new Surfivor location is one level up"

We made it for you and we're committed to provide you the best surfing holiday here in Portugal!

Take advantage of our special "All together now!" opening promotion of the new Surfivor House during April and May: 50 % discount on accommodation for new guests and free accommodation for all repeating guests!

Now that all the ashes are back to ground, get over here to Surfivor and come enjoy the new place!

All together now...

See you on the beach!


Miguel & Team Surfivor (Soraya, Patrick, Kaisa and Rob)