Photos from Tor!

once again our dear photographer Tor Pande Braathen, from Norway, has been at Surfivorcamp to shoot some pics, the way only he does...check out a few!

Misty morning

Surfivor BBQ

Sunset session at Maceda beach

Mr. Flexible doing his thing

Beach chilling after surf!

One wave...never again!

Ther are many more pics Tor took during his stay in July at Surfivorcamp, together with his brother Erling and friend Harald! Maybe you will see some on Surfivor's next website update! Stay in touch and come over for a great surfing holiday!!!



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Team Surfivor '07

This year’s Surfivor staff is perfect. We gathered people from all over Europe to cover all different tasks necessary to make Surfivor work. Without them the Surfivor camp wouldn’t be as fun as it is now!

Miguel is the organizer and director of Surfivor Surf Camp. He grew up in Germany and moved to Portugal in 1988 where he started surfing. From that moment on, Miguel’s life took a new direction and he hasn’t stopped catching waves since then. He has worked in many surf camps in Portugal where he gained his experience as a surfing instructor. In 2003 decided to start his own surf camp: Surfivor. Furthermore is he the regional champion of 2004 and 2005 and first place in the ranking of this year’s championship.
His passion however is to teach people how to surf and make them understand the surfing lifestyle.

That’s what happened to Katrijn, one of his students in 2005. And nowadays Katrijn is our most dedicated surf instructor. In April 2007 she completed the BSA level 1 surfing instructor course in Cornwall UK. Next to giving surf lessons, Katrijn is a film director. She is Dutch, but since three years integrating in the Portuguese culture and language. Her company is the cutest dog in the world, Zezinha.

Zeza is like the mom of Surfivor Camp. She takes care of the breakfast and maintenance of the surf camp and makes sure it is always clean and tidy. She is THE best! She speaks Portuguese and is learning English, the most caring and sweet mom for all guests and she fully supports her son Educardo at his surf contests.

Eduardo is sixteen and the son of Zeza. Although he doesn’t eat vegetables, he is running the Portuguese Junior Championship and is on the 8th place at the moment. All he wants is to paddle out and catch waves. Outside of the water he practices on his skateboard, trying out new moves and tricks. He is the most humble and simple person, always ready to give you a hand and guide you whilst surfing.

Chris, our German chauffeur drives in an American car (Ford). You can find him somewhere along the airport of Porto and the train stations of Espinho and Cortega├ža. It is his job to pick you up on your arrival and take you to the surf camp. In his leisure time he likes to go to the beach for surfing.

Luca is our Italian surf coach assistant. After spending winter season on the Canary Islands he came to Surfivor to assist in the surf lessons and catch some waves in his leisure time. Furthermore does he work in Dacasca Bar, pouring out caipirinhas to all Surfivors. His good mood and Italian lifestyle will guarantee lots of laughing.

Lisette studies tourism in the Netherlands and does promotional work for the Surfivor Surf Camp. She used to come to Surfivor Camp on weekends, to escape the routine of her internship in Salamanca. She is good at languages, but is still learning how to catch a good wave…

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see you soon
Team Surfivor out!!!

Ok, the initiative to write into this blog is hard, but today , to complete our wonderful Surfivor "Stuff", our dear friend Luca Bobbio arrived to assist our surfing courses and make the connection to Dacasca Bar, where he will be pouring drinks on the house!!!
So, what are you waiting for? Bazooca is back...

Team Surfivor (in order of appearance)
Miguel Katrijn Zeza Eduardo Chris Tor Luca Lisette Amrei Wouter