The Team Surfivor, Summer 2010

Just as in the past years, The Surfivor Team this year consists of international, intelligent and intriguing people :) We all share the passion and love for sunsets, beaches, laughter and surfing!!

Our team in the picture directly above, from the left:
Soraya - the administrator (from the Netherlands)
Miguel - the boss (from Portugal)
Patrick - the driver (from Germany)
Rob - the surf teacher (from England)
Steffi - the surf teacher (from Germany)
Sipe - the yoga teacher (from Finland)

On her visits here, Maria K from Finland (the third one from the left on the picture above, yes the one without the wetsuit:) is the one who goes around with her camera immortalizing the life and people at the Surfivor Camp.

We look forward welcoming you to join us at the Surfivor Surf Camp!

The Surfivor Team

Yoga Special July

Óla! I'm Sipe from Finland and I teach yoga at the Surfivor Camp this summer. After exhausting our muscles in the sea, it's important to give them a nice and relaxing reward by stretching and practicing yoga. I teach classical hatha yoga specially tuned for surfers.

The yoga training normally takes place at the camp premises after surfing. In the "Yoga Special July" we're going to offer morning yoga sessions and yoga in the forest/beach for those who are interested. Yoga is suitable for beginners and it goes very well with surfing : )

Book now at:

Sipe + Surfivor Team



I broke my board!
I can't believe how this happened?

The waves today are really nice, 4 ft small and quite mellow!
I was riding this kind of slow right hander and all of a sudden my board just snapped.
No way I could see this coming!

So, here is to say goodbye to my beloved SEMENTE 6'1''
This board was custom shaped by Nick Uricchio. It has two parabolic stringers. This means the stringers are inserted in the rail of the board instead of being in the center, like most surfboards.
This results in more flex while carving and more lip projection!

Well, R.I.P. my good old friend! I will surely remember all the good rides we had together!


Surftrip to Aveiro.

A warm sunny day and a nice surf at the beach of Aveiro:

Waiting for the ferry to take us to Aveiro.

Let´s have a look at the waves...

And after the warm-up...

After the surf.... chill...


It wasn't at his taste!

He couldnt help it!

It wasn't good enough

He had to CHAAAANGE!!!

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