Summer's gone...

Dear Surfivors,

thanks for this great season. It has been an awesome summer with all you nice people here in Cortega├ža!

Thanks also to my team ( of who some still paddle around: Katrijn, Eduardo, Zeza, Mishka), they have been such a great help to make it happen!

This summer again, there were a lot of funny people at Surfivor and the atmosphere has been as always: relaxed, good mood and one big family! The fact that it is a multi - cultural place makes it so special!

Another thank you goes to the great camping and caravan community of Cortega├ža to let us enjoy the greatness of atmosphere, down in the very end of that camping, under the green roof of pines and close to the beach; the place we wanna be =)

In September, October and even now in November, the weather and waves have been great and consistent and we're still enjoying sunshine and the Maceda waves!

The camp at the camping is now closed (since we got expelled in late September from the campsite for assaulting their beach bar, in search for the last drop of alcohol...), but our surfhouse will be open all winter, for those who still would like to enjoy a little escape, in nice warm shelter!

Take advantage of the new Low Cost connections to Oporto, coming from Germany, Holland and since yesterday also Sweden!

So, it would be really great to see some of you again! We're always ready to take you surfing

and enjoy your holiday!

Keep up to date here on the blog, here goes the promise that this write lazy Mr. Flexible will update frequently about what's going on on Surfivor!



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