Thank you, Kaisa!

You know... At the end of the season, the team is slowly leaving Surfivor and they get back to their normal lifes again.... that makes us a bit sad. In those months that they work at Surfivor, you get a bond with the team. Especially when it is a person who meant a lot to Surfivor and to the rest of the team. Kaisa is one of them... The stretching sessions, the warm-up before surfing, yoga in the forest, yoga on the pier at sunset, a great help with everything.. and( i will never forget..) ginger-tea! That is why we had special "last surf-trip" for her.
After a nice surf at Agu├žadoura beach, just south Viana do Castelo, we headed for the mountains. At an old monastery we stopped and had a nice picknick, a vist at the creek and a lovely yoga-session with a view over the mountains. Check out these pictures...

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