we want to thank you for coming to Surfivor Camp. Last season 2009 was great. We worked hard to make everything as nice as possible for all our guests to enjoy their surfing holiday!
I want to say a special "thank you" to my team:
Soraya, Peter, Eduardo, Kaisa, Essi, Steffi, Peter Jr., Matt, Kamilla, Kaçper, Dª Antonieta!
You guys were great and I wish that some of you, who have the chance, can come back this year!
It would make me and certainly the guests very happy! "Never change a winning concept" somebody once told me!

Now, 2010 will bring BIG NEWS! There are going to be major changes at SURFIVOR SURF CAMP. You know that our concern is to always improve and have better conditions for everyone.

So keep on track and visit our blog or website and you will be among the first to know our new secret......

As for for now: ssssscht.... silence =)

Happy New Year, SURFIVORS!

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